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How to Password Protect SD Card on Windows?

SD cards are widely used in digital products memory storage filed. They are small in size and with a large storage volume to store mess photos and there media files. With all these advantages SD card seems to be perfect for carrying data, however, what if rampant data leaking and breach occurs? Maybe it is the right time for you to considering about protecting SD card.

There are countless SD card lockers on the Internet, and choosing one that is reliable and suitable among those tools is time consuming. Here with USB Security right beside your hand, you will be totally free from the annoyance of losing your valuable images or files in the SD card and no longer need to face the hard choice of selecting and trying.

USB Security is designed exclusively for USB data security issues including data breach, leaking and misuse of private files. SD card is an important member of USB storage family, to ensure SD card protection you’d better lock SD card and block any unauthorized access to data in it.