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FAQ of Kakasoft USB Copy Protection

Q1. What is USB Copy Protection?

USB Copy Protection(UCP) is a program protects your files in USB drive from unauthorized copying and distribution. With the protection of this program your files in a USB flash drive or other removable disks can be locked up and prevented from data leaking. Users can download a trail version on our website.


Q2. Which file types can be protected with USB Copy Protection?

USB Copy Protection supports protection of the most commonly used file types such as Software, PDF,MS Office, SWF, PNG, JPG, GIF, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, DCM, DIC, IMA, NEMA and many other file formats.


Q3. What should I do if I accidentally delete Client.exe file from the protected folder?

The Client.exe file is important for user to login. If the file are deleted, you need to copy a new "Client.exe" from another protected folder to this one.


Q4. How many files can I protect on each flash drive?

USB Copy Protection doesn't limit the number of files you can protect. You can protect as many files as you wish as long as you have enough storage capacity on your flash drive.


  1. Q5. How to completely unprotect the protected folder?

Open the protected folder, run the client and login as Admin. Click the menu from browser window: Manage > Completel